Nick Hewitson – Muay Thai Champion

Nick Hewitson

Ajarn Nick Hewitson has Black Belts in 14 martial arts including a 6th Dan in Taekwondo, and a 4th degree in Tang Soo Do. He has two World Muay Thai Boxing Championships and is undefeated in 120 professional fights. He has been the British Super Tae Kwon Do Champion for 14 consecutive years and European Super Tae Kwon Do Champion for 10 consecutive years.

He has been awarded the USA Muay Thai Association International and USA Instructor of the Year (2000-2004), and is the Chief Instructor of the World Famous Petchyindee Muay Thai Boxing Camp International.

Ajarn Nick Hewitson is also the British Full Contact Karate champion for 1984, 1985,1986, 1987 (middle weight) and 1988, 1989 (super middleweight) and British Tang So Do Champion (6 consecutive years). He is a 4 time British WTF champion and 4X British ITF champion.

He is the British Kickboxing Champion (middle and super middleweight) with 52 fights undefeated.

Ajarn Nick Hewitson has been a columnist for various martial arts publications worldwide including Combat.

Ajarn Nick Hewitson is also the hand-to-hand combat instructor to various military and counter-terrorist units worldwide.

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