Sam Combes Yoshinkan Aikido

Sam CombesIn his teenage years in Hawaii, Sam Combes studied Karate under Hirokaza Kanazawa. Upon entering the Honolulu Police Department in 1963, he shifted the focus of his studies to Judo and Aikido.

He continued his training with Yukio Noguchi of the Aikido Yoshinkai of Hawaii. When Mr. Noguchi created his own style, Kancho Combes chose to remain with the founder of the system, Sensei Gozo Shioda.

Kancho Combes moved to the mainland in 1967 after four years with the Honolulu Police Department. He received permission to teach while a Sankyu and was awarded his Shodan in 1969. He was instrumental in forming the Keisatsu Aikido of America, with Dr. Stephen Hamilton. This is a specialized Aikido system, focusing on the unique needs of law enforcement professionals. Kancho Combes, a retired LA County Sheriff’s Deputy, also spent 28 years with the LA Marshal’s Department and served as a training officer for the Rio Hondo and Pasadena Community College Police Academies.

A retired Army Reserve Master Sergeant, Sam Combes, also served as President of the Southern California Chapter of the American Teachers Association of the Martial Arts or A.T.A.M.A..

On February 10, 2015, with over 40 years of aikido experience, Kancho Sam Combes, was officially promoted to Nanadan (7th degree) and awarded a red and white OBI by Yasuhisa SHIODA.

Sensei Sam Combes owns and operates the The Kadokan Dojo, a Yoshinkai Aikido Dojo located in Fullerton, California. The Kadokan Dojo is affiliated with the SIAF (SHIODA International Aikido Federation).

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