Trevor Sherman Kenpo 5.0

Trevor Sherman was raised on a small farm in Southeastern Idaho. He was taught from the early age the importance of hard work and commitment. Along with the usual responsibilities of his own family’s farm and working for local farmers, Trever was constantly involved in athletics. After graduating from high school he was invited by a few local colleges to tryout for their football and baseball teams. At the age of sixteen he was enrolled in his first martial arts class and he has been involved ever since.

After one year of attending Ricks College in Rexburg, Idaho Trever was called to serve a two-year mission for his church. During his mission he worked in Mexico and Southern California. While serving his mission, he learned the Spanish language and to this day speaks it fluently.

He returned to college at Utah State University in Logan, Utah after his mission trip where he chose psychology as his field of study. He embraced the teachings of behavioral psychology and was fortunate enough to study directly under one of B.F. Skinner’s graduate students. While working on his undergraduate degree he took part in many interesting studies and projects. He also proctored the animal laboratory for two semesters. After five years he finished his bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in Spanish. Under the direction of Mr. Speakman, Trever is a certified Defensive Tactics Instructor for the U.S. Government and Department of Justice teaching empty hand combat to the DEA, FBI and Border Patrol.

He is the youngest of seven children and to date has thirty-two nephews and nieces. He has always been around children and has two children of his own that he adores. While attending college he sought to involve himself in studies of and including children. He embraces the axiom, “The answer to crime isn’t the electric chair, it’s the high chair.” He has been teaching the martial arts to children for fifteen years now and is convinced that it is the most effective vehicle for bolstering the self-esteem of children and teaching them the life skills, which enable them to be successful.

Trevor is Jeff Speakman’s master student.