Willie Lim9th degree Black Belt, Willie Lim was born into a Malayan family of Kung Fu practitioners, his uncle was Head of the Eagle Claw division of Ching Wu and his grandmother a practitioner of Lotus style Kung Fu, yet Mr. Lim began his formal training in Kyokushinkai Karate.

Willy enjoyed the usual dose of injuries and through his physician, began his training in Tai Chi with Master Yo Ching-hai, a disciple of Master Cheng Man-ching. In 1963 Mr. Lim began his training in Taekwondo under the legendary Choi Chang Kim in Penang. By the early 70’s Mr. Lim was attending a university in New Zealand and teaching Taekwondo there.

Willie Lim

Because of his already diverse training and an encounter with Professor Wally Jay, Willie sought out Master Oyata, the top Tuite practitioner in the USA. Mr. Lim has gained a tremendous following of top instructors seeking his knowledge and enjoys the full support of legends such as Professor Wally Jay and Bill “Superfoot” Wallace. Mr. Lim represents the USA and UK for the Sing Ong Tai Chi International and Taekwondo International.

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