Anti-Terrorism Information


Terrorism is the uncontrolled enemy of all and must be fought by all nations together. It is anti-terrorism, through the use of education, that will bring defeat to terrorist. We must not allow any countrymen to teach children that terrorism is patriotic or “a religious right” and a justified means to an end. Instead the world must stand together, with one loud voice, and say enough is enough, terrorism is never justified, never!

“Such criminal terror acts prove that no measure is enough to fight terrorism. Actions that governments take to fight terrorism are totally justified because protecting life is a lot more important than protecting civil liberties. What hurts me the most is that there are people in our Arab world that continue to sympathize with terrorism . . . this is our sick reality and it doesn’t help to pretend this mentality doesn’t exist. One can’t ignore the fact that Arab governments didn’t act early on to crush the extreme movements growing in our midst . . . Arabs and Muslims should stand together behind the U.S. against terror.” Jihad Al-Khazan, Al-Hayat Newspaper as reported by Octavia E. Nasr, Senior Editor for Arab Affairs, CNN

“If it happens to me I will counter it.”
“If it happens, even to my enemy, I will counter it.”

Counter-Terrorism is against terrorism in any form, against any one, anywhere, for any reason. It is our goal to disseminate information which may save a life or many lives.

WARNING: The information contained in the Understanding Terrorism is very graphic and sometimes the language can be offensive. Parents please supervise your children in this section!