Avi Nardia is a Martial Artist, owner of Avi Nardia Academy and Founder of KAPAP Israeli Krav Maga, a hand to hand combat system that includes elements of Lotar (Lohama Be terror – Anti Terror units style), Krav (IDF – Israeli Army Hand to Hand Program), Hagana Atzmit (Self Defense – Defensive Tactic – Israeli Operational Police Academy Hand to Hand program.)

As a traditional martial artists, Avi Nardia has a lifetime of training in many leading martial arts styles and Budo. He is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and instructor under Machado RCJ, Kendo 6th Dan under Kubo Akira Sensei, Iaido 5th Dan and Jodo 5th Dan teacher, Kyudo 4th Dan teacher, Judo 3rd Dan, and Japanese Jiu-Jitsu instructor 7th Dan Most Senior Teacher with Kyoshi rank under Hanshi Patrick McCarthy, Karate KU and Goju Ryu Under Leon Pantanowitz, and Tadano Tomiyaki and Hanshi Patrick McCarthy, and a Thai Box instructor.

Avi Nardia also spent 8 years living and studying Martial Arts such as Uchi Deshi (living student) and devoted his life to the study of Martial Arts saying, -“Always a student, sometimes a teacher” and has tried to roll his life-experiences and knowledge into Reality Training. He says, “Better to be a student of reality than a master of Illusion.”

Adding to his varied studies is his study of sports. Avi is certified in sport study as an Olympic fencing coach, Athletic trainer and Sport Therapist and Fitness coach, and also has different sports certifications including rappelling.