Frank Trejo Boxing and Kenpo

Frank Trejo began fighting at the ripe old age of 8 under the instruction of his grandfather who was a skilled boxer. His formal martial arts training began in 1966 when he studied Shotokan karate. Three years later Master Trejo met and started training with legendary Kenpo Grand Master Ed Parker. In the years that followed, Master Trejo was privy to many of the concepts and precepts that Grand Master Parker created and devised. Master Trejo received his black belt in Kenpo from Grand Master Ed Parker.

In the early 70’s Master Frank Trejo blended his martial arts skills with his boxing techniques and entered the fledging sport of full contact karate. As an amateur kickboxer his record was 14-0. On the professional circuit Master Trejo’s record was an impressive 21-1. He went on to win the California State Kickboxing Title in 1979.

Throughout his career, Trejo claimed title to more than 400 championships. He was the first and to date, the only Kenpo stylist to place 1st in both kata and fighting at the Long Beach International Championships. This amazing feat was accomplished in 1984.

In 1985 Master Trejo was named coach and captain of the Budweiser International Karate Team. This was the first sponsored karate team in the nation.

“We toured for two years,” said Master Trejo. “In that time we fought and beat teams from all over the world.”

Currently ranked as 9th degree black belt in Kenpo karate Trejo combined boxing, kick boxing, karate, judo and ground fighting in a style he calls “Kenpo Fusion.” In addition to teaching the martial arts, Trejo works as a stunt coordinator and actor. His films include: “Pushed to the Limit,” Beyond Fear,” and “Deadly Outbreak.”

Although now retired from competition, Trejo continues to offer his unique instructional techniques in seminars around the world. One of his pet projects is Creative Physical Fitness. This project enhances the lives of individuals who are mentally, physically, and socially challenged.

“In the early 1980’s I started teaching people with DOWN syndrome martial arts,” Master Trejo said. “It is such a rewarding experience to help teach these individuals how to use their motor skills in a way that many said was impossible to do.”

Currently Master Trejo is teaching Creative Physical Fitness in two locations in Las Vegas in addition to teaching seminars worldwide and Trejo Kenpo Karate in Southern California. His program has been recognized by the Los Angeles County School District as an “Exemplary Program for Education.”