Kyoshi Gamini Soysa is widely recognized as a pioneer in introducing Shorin Ryu Shorin Kan Karate in Sri Lanka, India and other South Asian Countries.

Kyoshi Gamini Soysa is an 8th Dan Black Belt in Shorin Ryu and 7th Dan in Rembukai. He is the founder President of Federation Okinawa Karate Shorin ryu Shorinkan South Asia. He has been teaching karate for the past 40 years and practicing for over half a century.

He is the first Sri Lankan to train in Okinawa. Kyoshi Soysa has written numerous Magazine articles on Health & Okinawan Martial Arts, and is also the writer of International Sport Magazine published by lakehouse, Sri Lanka, and Karate Times from India. He teaches Okinawan Karate and Kobudo, Japan karate do Renbukai and Shiatsu healing.

Kyoshi Gamini Soysa has been integral part of OSSKKAI family for many years now. His
teaching skills are well appreciated by the students of the association.

Sensei Gamini Soysa Time Line

  • 1951 – Born Nov. 12
  • 1969 – Started Chinese martial arts and Indian fighting arts in Sri Lanka
  • 1970 – Started Judo at YMCA, Colombo, Sri Lanka, earned 3rd kyu
  • 1971 – Started shotokan karate in Sri Lanka earned 1st kyu
  • 1972 – Established karate dojo
  • 1976 – Started Okinawan shorin ryu karate under Keishun Kakinohana, Renshi, under the authorization of Grand Master Shugoro Nakazato, Head Instructor of Okinawa karatedo shorin ryu shorinkan,Okinawa/Japan
  • 1978 – Continued training under Rodney Lipka, Renshi , Shorin ryu Shorinkan Berkeley, California who visited Sri Lanka for two months earned shodan from shorin ryu
    1979 Established shorin ryu shorinkan dojos in Sri Lanka and India
  • 1983 continued training under Rodney Lipka Sensei and his wife Lauren Lipka in Sri Lanka a period of one month.
  • 1985 Elected Vice President Sri Lanka Karatedo Federation.
  • 1987 Invited by Federation All Japan Karatedo Renbukai, Tokyo, Japan, to participate 20th Annual Tournament. won 1st place in kata. visited Okinawa and trained under Shugoro Nakazato, Grand Master of Shorin ryu Shorinkan, Okinawa/Japan. Trained at Giyu Gibo Okinawa karate dojo for a period of one month.
  • 1987~1992 Lived in Tokyo
  • 1992 Elected as a member and representative of Federation All Japan karatedo Renbukai, Tokyo earned 5th dan in Renbukai. visited Sanfrancisco, California to attend Osamu Ozwa annual tournament on an invitation of master Ozawa. Trained with Masters Hirokazu Kanazwa, Fumio Demura and Teruo Chinnen.
  • 1994 Opened a karate studio at Longisland Hicksville, Newyork participated shorin ryu shorinkan international camp at Chico, California USA.
  • 1998 participated for world masters seminar and camp organised by Master Sid Campbell, pioneer shorin ryu shorinkan in United States. Elected Director of Sid Campbells dojo WOSKKA, representing Westbury dojo
  • 2000 appointed Martial art Instructor by Long Island Karate & Family Training Centre, New York. Participated Rengokai okinawa karatedo world tournament in Georgia USA.
  • 2006 Earned 7th dan from Renbukai
  • 2007 Earned 8th dan from shorin ryu
  • 2008 Formed a Shorin ryu karate Federation in South Asia.