Isaac Kaawa

Isaac Kaawa

Grandmaster Isaac Kaawa, known to his old friends as Ike Kaawa, was a very strong and intelligent man. Grandmaster Kaawa had trained in Okinawan Kenpo. He later met up with his good friend Grandmaster Fred Lara and joined Grandmaster William Chow school. Later Grandmaster Kaawa was the first sergeant at arm and bodyguard for Grandmaster William Chow while Grandmaster Fred Lara was Chow’s first assistant.

Grandmaster Isaac Kaawa later opened his own school and one of his well-known students was Grandmaster Abe “Brother Abe” Kamahoahoa.

Grandmaster Isaac Kaawa not only studied Okinawan Kenpo and Kenpo Karate (at that time, Grandmaster William Chow school used Kenpo Karate), but he also studied Kodenkan Jujitsu under Grandmaster Henry Okazaki. Grandmaster Kaawa also had a close friendship with Grandmaster Jaime Abregana Sr. and served as an advisor to Grandmaster Abregana Sr., when he first opens the Ewa Kenpo Karate Club.

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Grandmaster Isaac Kaawa served as a bodyguard for the Governor of the State of Hawaii, Linda Lingle and served as a senior advisor to the Hawaii Martial Arts International Society and the Abregana Self Defense Institute.