Jimmy Pedro

Jimmy Pedro

World Champion Jimmy Pedro is one of the most decorated judo players in American history. Jimmy is world renowned for his judo expertise, coaching ability, and training methods. A newaza (ground techniques) specialist, Jimmy currently owns and operates Pedro’s Judo Center in Wakefield, MA and teaches clinics and seminars throughout the country.

Jimmy Pedro was born on October 30, 1970 in Danvers, Massachusetts. He is one of the most successful American judo competitors. He won two bronze medals in the Olympics.

Jimmy Pedro Grip Like A World ChampionHe was the World Champion at 160.9lb (73 kg) in 1999. He won bronze medals in the 1991 and 1995 World Championships.

He represented the United States in the 1992, 1996, 2000, and 2004 Olympic Games, winning a bronze medal in 1996 and 2004. The United States was not traditionally strong in judo, and a bronze medal in Olympic judo is an enormous accomplishment for an American athlete. Jimmy Pedro has 29 gold medals in international competition alone.

After the 2004 Olympics, Pedro retired from competitive judo. In recent years he has worked for Monster.com. He has promoted a brand of tatami and owns his own mat business, Zebra MMA & Martial Arts Outfitters, selling products used for judo, jujutsu and mma practice and competition. He has also been the subject of a biographical movie.

World Champion 1999
Olympic Bronze medallist 1996, 2004
World championship Bronze medallist 1991, 1995
US World Team member 1991, 1993, 1995, 1999
US Olympic Team member 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004
US National Champion (5 times)
USA Judo Hall of Fame 2008

04, 03, 00 & 99 Real Judo Magazine “Player of the Year”
04 New York Athletic Club Hall of Fame
04 Brown University Hall of Fame
97 New York Athletic Club “Athlete of he Year”
97 Black Belt Hall of Fame
10x USJA Jr. National Champion
6x US National Champion (89, 91, 93, 94, 99, 03)
3x High School National Champion (86, 87, 88)


04 & 00 German Team Championships (73kg Member of TSV Abensberg)
04 & 03 New York Open (73kg) – Manhattan, NY
04 Pan Am Championships (73kg) – Margarita Island, Venezuela
03 Korean Open (73kg) – Yongin University, Korea
03 Rendez Vous Canada (73kg) – Montreal, QC
03 Tre Torri (73kg) – Porto Sant’Elpidio, Italy
03 Puerto Rico Open (73kg) – Salinas, Puerto Rico
03 British Open (73kg) – London, England
00 Europa Cup Team Championships (73kg Member of TSV Abensberg)
99 World Championships (73kg) – Birmingham, England
99 Pan Am Games (73kg) – Winnipeg, Canada
98 US Open (73kg) – Colorado Springs, CO, USA
98 Pan Am Championships (73kg) – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
98 French Open (73kg) – Paris, France
98 Austrian Open (73kg) – Leonding, Austria
98 Shoriki Cup (73kg) – Tokyo, Japan
97 & 95 German Open (71kg) – Munich, Germany
97 Pan Am Championships (71kg) – Guadalajara, Mexico
95 US Open (71kg) – Macon, GA, USA
95 Pan Am Games (71kg) – Mar de Plata, Argentina
93 Pacific Rim Championships (65kg) – Auckland, New Zealand
92 Guido Sieni (65kg) – Sassari, Italy
92 Pan Am Championships (65kg) – Santiago, Chile
92 US Open (71kg) – Colorado Springs, CO, USA
90 & 89 US Open (65kg) – Colorado Springs, CO, USA
90 Tre Torri (65kg) – Porto Sant’Elpidio, Italy

04 Hungarian Open (73kg) – Budapest, Hungary
04 German Open (73kg) – Hamburg, Germany
03 US Open (73kg) – Las Vegas, NV
93 Korean Open (65kg) – Seoul, Korea
93 French Open (63kg) – Paris, France
92 Hungarian Open (65kg) – Budapest, Hungary
90 Goodwill Games (65kg) – Seattle, WA, USA

04 Olympic Games (73kg) – Athens, Greece
99 Kano Cup (73kg) – Tokyo, Japan
98 German Open (73kg) – Munich, Germany
97 Austrian Open (71kg) – Leonding, Austria
96 French Open (71kg) – Paris, France
96 Olympic Games (73kg) – Atlanta, GA, USA
95 World Championships (71kg) – Makuhari, Japan
95 Pacific Rim Championships (71kg) – Sydney, Australia
94 Goodwill Games (71kg) – St. Petersburg, Russia
92 French Open (65kg) – Paris, France
92 German Open (65kg) – Munich, Germany
91 US Open (65kg) – Colorado Springs, CO, USA
91 Pan Am Games (65kg) – Havana, Cuba
91 World Championships (65kg) – Barcelona, Spain
91 Pacific Rim Championships (65kg) – Honolulu, HI, USA
90 Jr. World Championships (65kg) – Dijon, France
90 Tblissi International (65kg) – Tblissi, Georgia
88 Shoriki Cup (65kg) – Tokyo, Japan

00 Olympic Games (73kg) – Sydney, Australia
94 Kano Cup (71kg) – Tokyo, Japan
93 World Championships (65kg) – Hamilton, Canada

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