Rick St Clair: Taekwondo

Rick St Clair

Master Rick St Clair began his martial arts training wen he was 12 years old. He achieved his Black Belt in Moodukkwan Taekwondo May 21, 1981. He continued his training, not only in TaekwonDo, but he crossed trained in Hapkido. He has currently been in the martial arts for 41 years and continues learning from his Grandmaster Danny Zaino as well as from friends and students. Rick holds a 7th Dan in MooDukKwan TaekwonDo, a rank he received on March 19, 2014 from Grandmaster Zaino.

Rick St Clair has owned and operated his martial arts school, St Clair’s Taekwondo, in San Francisco since 1993. His school is located at 3035 Taraval St., SF 94116. To contact the school call 415-665-8684. He is also a  distributor of the TRADITIONZ clothing line for Lady Dragon Cynthia Rothrock and Don The Dragon Wilson.

Rick St Clair Hall of Fame Inductions:

  • United Martial Artist Association HOF “Instructor of The Year (moodukkwan/taekwondo) July 11, 1999 (Inductor- GM Donnie Meyer)
  • United States Martial Artist Association HOF “Associate Instructor of The Year (MDK/TKD) August 1999 (Inductor- GM William Rankin)
  • World Karate Union HOF “School of The Year” (MDK/TKD) July 1, 2000 (Inductor- Kathi Tasetano/Frank Tasetano)
  • World Wide Martial Arts HOF “School of The Year” (MDK/TKD) June 9, 2001 Iinductor- GM Tom Merritt)
  • World Karate Union HOF “Golden Lifetime” 40 years of MDK/TKD June 22, 2013 (Inductor- Kathi Tasetano)
  • Masters HOF “Golden Lifetime” 40+ years of MDK/TKD August 1, 2014 (Inductor- GM Daniel Hect)
  • Elite Black Belt HOF October 12, 2014 (Inductor- Soke Dave Johnson)
  • Action Martial Arts HOF “Golden Lifetime” 40+ years of MDK/TKD Jan 22, 2015 (Inductor-GM Alan Goldberg)