Russ Rhodes Ken Ju Ryu Kenpo Ju Jitsu

Shihanke Russ Rhodes has over 45 years in the martial arts and holds ranks in seven different systems. His highest accolades are Soke (inheritor and head of system) in Ken Ju Ryu Kenpo Ju Jitsu, Kudan in Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu, an Guru in the Inayan System of Eskrima as well as the rank of Renshi in Toyama Ryu and Renshi in Shinkendo.

He possesses unique ability to combine diverse martial arts disciplines in a synergistic manner. He creates self defense techniques, borrowing components from virtually every conceivable source and enhances them by using biomechanics and the application of equations through technique.

In 1998, Russ was awarded the title of Shihan from Dai Shihan Kufferath and became Soke of the Ken Ju Ryu Kenpo Ju Jitsu system. The Ken Ju Ryu system is an integration of Hawaiian Kenpo and Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu.

Shihan Russ Rhodes is one of the founding members and past president of the Kilohana Martial Arts Association, which was created to support all martial artists and their respective styles.

Shihan Russ Rhodes is also a member and past associate director of Ju Jitsu in the Unified World Martial Federation.

Ken Ju Ryu
Shihanke Russell Rhodes and Dai Shihan Professor Sig Kufferath jointly conceived and developed Ken Ju Ryu. Ken Ju Ryu is an innovative and potent art form created by blending Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu with Kenpo Ju Jitsu. Other arts have been integrated into Ken Ju Ryu such as Suro Mike Inay’s Inayan Eskrima as well as other traditional art forms.

Ken Ju Ryu is an explosive and percussive style utilizing kicks, strikes and punches, throws, joint manipulations and chokes to subdue opponents. The techniques and forms are adapted from both Kenpo and Danzan Ryu to create a new, dynamic art form. Ken Ju Ryu also incorporates filipino martial arts and firearm defense. The art has been engineered for modern practice and efficiency; it is realistic and extremely lethal.

For the last fifteen years of his life, Professor Kufferath dedicated all of his energy and efforts into developing this amazing new art form. Ken Ju Ryu has become a force in the martial arts world, impacting tournament circuits and seminars. Professor Kufferath utilized the Ken Ju Ryu system at events and tournaments to help him beat black belt opponents half his age. In honor of his teacher, Shihanke Rhodes has dedicated his life to following Professor Kufferath’s teachings in both Ken Ju Ryu and Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu.

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