Shihan Walt Lysak Jr. comes from three generations of reality martial artists.

Walt’s grandfather was a high level military officer who studied several martial arts in the orient and abroad, he was also a competitive wrestler and boxer. His Uncle was a member of the Army Special Forces “Green Beret” and skilled in boxing, Judo, and Ju Jitsu.

His father is an accomplished martial artist, Hall of Fame member, former competitive boxer, arm wrestler, and power lifter. He has served as a body guard to several Hollywood celebrities and is considered by many as a pioneer and innovator of Reality Martial Arts.

His brother Charlie is ahigh level martial artist, strength and conditioning coach, and one of the original Iron Mind Captains of Crush. Many other members of the family are accomplished martial artists, instructors and fighters.

Shihan Walt Lysak Jr. is the founder of the Sento method and co-founder of iCAT (Integrated Combative Arts Training) with Joe Lewis and Richard Ryan.

He holds high level black belts in Jiu Jitsu, pankration and kickboxing. He also has extensively studied ninjutsu, arnis, boxing and wrestling.

Shihan Walt Lysak Jr. has served as a combatives instructor for the Army Special Forces (the Green Berets). He is also a ground combat and combative adviser for Joe Lewis Fighting Systems.

Shihan Walt Lysak Jr. has been a featured teacher and presenter at some of the world’s best martial arts training camps and events including;

Joe Lewis Fighting Systems Research Conferences
American Grappling Summit I, II, III
iCAT National Conference I, II,III,IV,V, VI, VII. VIII, IX, X
Black Belt Magazines Martial Arts Festival I & II
Sento Reality Martial Arts Camp 1 – 30 (1986 – Present)
“Karate College”
“Martial Arts University
Action Martial Arts Trade Show
U.S.A Pankration Athlima National Conference (Featured alongside Ken Shamrock, Bart Vale, Keith Hackney, Sheldon Marr and others).
Martial Arts Leaders’ Summit
ISU European Conference and iCAT European Conference 2005 – 2012
Synergy Martial Arts Camps
KORE Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association Training Camp
Gen-Shin-Kan World Cup Championships in Split, Croatia (Featured instructor along with Bill “Superfoot” Wallace and Don “The Dragon” Wilson).
Terry Dow’s Martial Arts Symposium (With Superfoot/JLFS Conference) 2013 – 2015
And many more…

Shihan Walt Lysak Jr. has helped produce Instructional Materials including:

Star of more than 50 Instructional DVD videos
Author of several books and manuals on self-defense and martial arts
One of the Primary featured Professors on RMA College
Magazine / Media Exposure

Shihan Walt Lysak Jr. has been featured in top martial arts magazines including;

Black Belt Magazine
Karate International Magazine
Grandmaster magazine
MA Training Magazine
Ring Sports Magazine
Knock-Out magazine
Napma DVD Featured Instructor (National Association Of Professional Martial Artists)
Featured in the Screen Gem Movie “The Cut Off”
And many other martial arts publications

Shihan Walt Lysak Jr.’s Special Recognition and Tactical Training:

Ground Combat / RMA Advisor To Joe Lewis Fighting Systems
Authorized SOF Combatives Instructor to A Company, 2nd Battalion, 19th Special Forces Group “The Green Beret’s”
NRA Certified “Pistol Instructor”
NRA Certified “Personal Protection in the Home” Instructor
NRA Certified “Home Firearms Safety” Instructor
RSO (Range Safety Officer) Certified by the NRA
CRSO (Chief Range Safety Officer) Certified by the NRA
Massachusetts Certified to teach Basic Firearms Safety Course
UTAH Course and Permit
TDI Firearms Certified – Handgun I, II, & III
Has conducted Specialized Combatives training for Elite members or Military and Law Enforcement
Has completed the GROSSMAN ACADEMY (highly recommended for all LE Officers, SOF Operators and Martial arts instructors)
Has competed in IDPA competition shooting
Was an Auxiliary Police Officer for 2 Years in the State of Massachusetts

Shihan Walt Lysak Jr. Competition

Although he is renowned for his knowledge in reality martial arts he is also a pioneer in the New England area for MMA and Submission Style Fighting. He was there at the beginning as a VIP Guest in November 1993 at Mc Nichols Sports Arena Octagon Side at the first ever UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). He was also a key figure in the early development and growth of other quality MMA and Submission Grappling Organizations. Even though he focuses on street real training, his love and support of MMA has never died. He held a string of successful events called the “American Grappling summit” in the “90’s” which featured Champions from the UFC and other major events. He also is a strong advocate on how valuable MMA training is in order to develop street real skills. He is one of the most knowledgeable coaches and technicians anywhere.

You can see Shihan Walt and Charlie in the corner of Maurice Smith along with Frank Shamrock at UFC 14. When Maurice Smith won the World Heavyweight Championship, as well as UFC 15.

He was a National Coach of Olympic Pankration (Along with Ken Shamrock, Bart Vale, Keith Hackney, Sheldon Marr, Dan Severn, Maurice Smith and others)

He has Coached many Champion submission grappling and MMA fighters
He has Coached more than 40 fighters nationally rated in the Top Ten
He was Co – Coach of the 1999 NAGA National Submission Grappling Championship Team
He was the Coach of the 2000 World Submission Championship Kids & Teen Team Champions

Has judged, refereed, cornered, coached and even promoted championship MMA fights across the USA and abroad (at events such as the UFC, IFC, WEF, WAKO Kickboxing and MMA, MASS Destruction, Reality Super Fighting, and Many more)

Martial Arts Achievements and Awards of Shihan Walt Lysak Jr.

Shihan Walt Lysak Jr.’s Reality Martial Arts Ranking, Certification or Recognition

Sento Method Founder – 10th Dan awarded by the UMAHOF Sokeship Council.
iCAT Co-Founder (with Grandmaster Joe Lewis and Grandmaster Richard Ryan)
Cerebral Self Defense Coach, Stun & Run Coach & Chu Fen Do Instructor (Under Coach Tony Blauer)
High Level Northeast in R.B.W.I. (Under Master Robert Bussey)
Expert Status in “Warrior Training” (under Grandmaster James Rosenbach).
Official R.W.T.B. (Rosenbach Warrior Training Branch).
Bussey Black Belt Society “Black Belt Member” Under Master Robert Bussey
Certified Master of the Blade Instructor under Grandmaster Richard Ryan
Jun Fan Gung Fu and JKD Full Instructor under the Jun Fan Fighting Arts Association
Tactical Defense Institute Handgun: Level I, Level II and Level III
Instructor Level in Arnis received in 1990 (Under Grandmaster Remy Presas)

Shihan Walt Lysak Jr.’s Jiu Jitsu and Grappling Ranking

10th Degree Black belt Kakugo Jiu Jitsu under Grandmaster / Professor Walt Lysak, Sr.
Black Belt in BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) under Professor Luigi Mondelli (BJJ World Champion, 5 x Pan American Champion)
Official KORE Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association Training Center (First in Massachusetts)
CTBJJF Affiliated school
10th Degree Black belt Kai No Kenson Ju Jitsu Grandmaster / Professor Silverio Guerra
8th Degree Black belt Combat Ju Jitsu Grandmaster / Professor Ken Haughland
7th Degree Black belt Pankration (International Federation of Pankration Athlima Black belt council)
NFHS Wrestling Coach Program

Shihan Walt Lysak Jr.’s Kickboxing and MMA Related Ranking or Certification

7th Degree Black belt in Joe Lewis Fighting Systems (Master Level)
6th Degree Black belt in Kickboxing awarded directly from Grandmaster Joe Lewis “World Champion and Martial Arts Legend.”
One of only a few Worldwide Joe Lewis Lifetime Training Centers, Research Centers and Testing Centers.
A Member of the Joe Lewis Fighting Systems “Board of of Directors.”
3rd Degree Black Belt in the Superfoot System from Grandmaster Bill “Superfoot” Wallace “Undefeated World Kickboxing Champion and Martial Arts Legend”
Official Superfoot Systems Training Center.

Other Martial Arts Ranks and Achievements of Shihan Walt Lysak Jr.:

4th Degree Black belt in Ninjutsu and Authorized Training Academy under Grandmaster James Rosenbach (Co-signed by Robert Bussey)

Has a thorough background in boxing, kickboxing, and wrestling.
Black belt in Karate under Grandmaster John Korab (Joe Lewis’ first Instructor)
Kenpo / Kempo Black Belt: Trained in the 80’s in Kenpo/Kempo Karate under the Legendary Professor/Grandmaster Cerio and Master Woods and holds a Black belt in Karate. Received honorary 8th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo / Kempo Karate by the International Kenpo Karate Organization from Grandmaster Papoutsakis of Athens, Greece.

Other Specialized Training:

Certified Nutrition Trainer
Certified Fitness Trainer
Certified Myotherapist
Graduate of the School of Biblical Evangelism WOTM
First Aid / CPR / AED Certified American Red Cross
Pediatric First Aid Certified / CPR American Red Cross

Here is a list of some of Shihan Walt Lysak Jr. accomplishments

Special Honors and Awards of Recognition (Awarded from other martial arts organizations)

Martial Arts Master of the Year 2003 Universal Martial Arts Hall Of Fame
10th Degree Black belt Awarded by UMAHOF Soke Ship Council 2003
Grandmaster of the year in Self Defense 2004 UMAHOF Hall of Fame
Reality Martial Arts Founder of the Year 2004 USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame
Awarded title of Soke (Founder of System) UMAHOF Grandmasters Board of Advisors”
Legion of Honor 2004 – Official Karate Magazine Hall Of Fame
Samurai Award 2005, 2006, 2007 – International Federation of Jiu Jitsuans
Outstanding Contribution to Self Defense – 2005 Greek Self Defense Organization
Tactical Instructor Of The Year 2006 – World Head of Family Sokeship Council
Grandmaster of the year in Jiu Jitsu 2006 – US Martial Art Hall of Fame
Official Lifetime Member of the “International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame”
Awarded “Professor of the Martial Arts 2006” by Supreme Sokeship Council
Outstanding accomplishments as a Grandmaster 2007” Action Martial Arts Magazine / HOF
Awarded the “Daimyo Award” 2011 by the IFOJJ
1st Place – 1st OSM Academy Partners (Co – Champion) in Tomahawk Competition (At the 1st OSM Academy)
1st Place – 1st OSM Individual Champion in Tomahawk Throwing Competition (At the 2nd OSM Academy)
1st Place – 1st OSM Mountain Man Knife and Tomahawk Competition Champion “Sanctioned Event”

Sento Mixed Martial Arts Academy on the Martial Arts Schools and Businesses Directory.
Sento Mixed Martial Arts Academy on the Martial Arts Schools and Businesses Directory.

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