Active Shooter Training with Leading Edge Threat Mitigation

Disarm and Disable!

Learn To Save Your Life with Active Shooter Training!

Learn how to save your life with active shooter training by Leading Edge Threat Mitigation. Could you escape or effectively fight back! Participants will learn the dynamics of an active shooter along with handgun, long gun and edged weapons disarming techniques. Course taught by Joey Walker of Leading Edge Threat Mitigation. Disarm and Disable!


February 29, 2020


1:00 pm – 4:00pm


Martial Arts on the Move West Coast T.K.D.
1093 S. Virginia Reno, NV


$50.00 in advance
$60.00 at the door

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About Leading Edge Threat Mitigation Courses

Leading Edge Threat Mitigation Courses are taught by Joseph B. Walker. Seminars, offer corporate and business training and we teach in public, private and in martial arts schools.

About Joey Walker

Retired Law Enforcement officer and owner of Leading Edge Threat Mitigation, Joseph B. Walker provides real world tactical and technical information on how to mitigate any number of threats from Active Shooter Defense, Protection against Stalkers, and Self Defense courses for Civilian and Law Enforcement personnel. Joey utilizes his expertise as a 10th Degree Black Belt in the Martial Arts with two World Karate Champions to formulate techniques that practical, easy and effective against violent assailants. Joey is also the author of two books: “Self- Defense Tactics and Techniques” and his most recently released book “Shots Fired” Surviving an Active Shooter/Assailant.

Shots Fired by Joseph B. Walker

Joseph B. Walker, a retired police lieutenant is also known as Joey Walker, the karate champion and martial arts instructor. In his book, Shots Fired, he delivers techniques and tactics to help you survive an active shooter.

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