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Sifu Mark Cheng, L.Ac., Ph.D., is the Head Instructor and Chief Physician for the Chung-Hua Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Martial Arts Research. Dr. Cheng has been exposed to Chinese martial arts since his youth. He passionately sought to bring the finest facets of China's traditional heritage to the world. In the course of his many years of study, Sifu Cheng realized that Chinese medicine is truly a natural, holistic, and compassionate means of treating patients, relieving suffering, and preventing disease, especially when coupled with the practice of Chinese martial arts. The traditional martial arts of China do not merely address combative skills, but also strive to build the body's internal and external strengths. Dr. Mark Cheng has devoted his entire life to the preservation and evolution of Chinese medicine & martial arts.

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Sil Lum Kung-Fu or Shaolin Kung-Fu

Sil Lum Kung-Fu (or Shaolin Kung-Fu in the Mandarin dialect) is the most well known of the Chinese martial arts. Born in China's Hebei...

Krabi-Krabong – The Mother Of Muay Thai

INTRODUCTION In the ancient world, men lived or died by their strength at arms. In the land now known as Thailand, warriors fought countless battles...