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A Simple Plan To Double Your Students at Your Martial Arts Schools

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You can double your students with your Blog. Its not hard, and its even easier with my help!

Every great military leader in history, and the best business leaders today, understand the importance of simplicity. Complex concepts of what your business does, why it exists, and how it runs will keep it from running optimally. Too much complexity may even kill it.

Here’s a test you can apply to your business as a whole, and to each process of your business. It comes from Simon Sinek’s research, which he describes in his book, Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action. You should be able to do the following, always in this order, in no more than one sentence for each of these three tasks:

  • Explain why you do what you do
  • Explain how you do what you do
  • Explain what you do

Can you do this for your business? Can you do this for each major process within your business, like your Marketing Plan? Consider this for one portion of your Marketing Plan, your blog. (Remember, it’s all about being specific.):

  1. “We believe in spreading the martial arts lifestyle to as many people in our community as possible so that they can grow from its benefits, such as self-improvement, discipline, respect, and optimal fitness.
  2. A primary way we attract people to the martial arts lifestyle and our dojo is by publishing a consistent, entertaining, and inspiring blog.
  3. We write and share the blog posts to expose them to people in our community who appreciate, and develop an interest in, what we do so that they enroll in our dojo. Want to try a class?”

Self-examination is critical for assessing the quality of your life and your business. I know the owners of my dojo do it, and their school is in the largest 10% of schools in the United States. These aren’t platitudes and fluffy exercises. These are treasure maps to follow, step by step.

General George S. Patton’s success stemmed from his ability to simplify better than his colleagues. With gems like,

“Hold the enemy by the nose and kick him in the pants,”

Patton was able to paint a clear picture for his subordinates to help them grasp plans that had many moving parts. Here’s how I do it with my blog writing services for martial arts schools:

  1.  I write the blog posts and upload them to your website.
  2.  Your dojo staff members each click the Facebook share button on each blog post when a new one is uploaded weekly.
  3. The blog posts are shared across a large, local social network of friends and family members, thus raising awareness of your dojo, and sending people who are voluntarily interested in the blog topics to your website, consistently every week, where they’ll also see your “Contact Us” form, your class offerings, and your monthly sign-up specials.

It gets even better. It looks like there are 3 action steps in the above list, but in fact, different parties own different steps. Here’s what I mean:

  1. Step: Write and publish the blog posts. I do this.
  2. Step: Click the Facebook share button on each new blog post. Dojo staff does this. (And existing students if you ask them to.) And it takes one second of their time. Literally one second.
  3. Step: See the Facebook shares and follow the links to the blog post on your dojo’s website. Friends and family members in the staff (and students’) social network do this one…voluntarily!

Amazing. Effective. Simple.

One more Patton Principle for you on the subject of simplicity:

“The successful army: First, it must fight. Second, it must eat. Third, it must be capable of rapid movement.”

Simplicity was important to Patton, and an important reason why he is the most successful general in U.S. history. And this principle correlates very well to the modern day martial arts school.

The successful dojo must be competent at what it does: teach martial arts. Second, it must nourish itself; I interpret this as investing in staff training and development. Third, it must keep growing. The third step, growth, winning ground, capturing the hearts and minds of more new prospective students so that they want to enroll in your school, is what I do for martial arts schools.

I believe the blog and sharing process I’ve described, while not the only effective mode of dojo marketing, is one of the most effective today. Think about it. Every martial arts school owner knows that the most effective form of marketing is the student referral. Nothing is more persuasive than when your existing student tells her friend how much she loves your school. The friend will probably want to try it for herself. Well, sharing your blog posts on Facebook is a form of referral and endorsement too. Arguably, it’s the next best thing. It’s very close to a personal referral, yet it works across hundreds if not thousands of people at a time, instead of only one.

Welcome to the 21st Century referral process. An entertaining blog, refreshed and shared every week, can help you “double your dojo.” I offer free consults and free trials. All you have to do is contact me.

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We have been a client for over 6 months and our website traffic has skyrocketed. The blog posts are bringing more people to our website than ever before. Community awareness of our dojo has grown, and our existing students are engaged in our motivational messages even when they are not attending class. We’ve never had this kind of reach before.
Master Pedro Xavier, Owner, Randolph Martial Arts and Boston Tae Kwon Do, Randolph, MA

It’s been a simple formula for success. Each time Brian uploads a blog post, we share it on Facebook and our students and their friends flock to our website. We see the traffic spike. It’s great because the blog is one of the few things we have that give people a reason to keep going back to our web page where they see our class offerings and contact forms.
Master Ernie Thivierge, Owner, America’s Best Defense, Raynham, MA

Each week I look forward to the new blog posts that Brian writes for The Training Edge. They aren’t dry announcements about “school news and events.” Instead they are entertaining; sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are inspirational and motivational, but in every case they relate to the martial arts lifestyle of continuous self-improvement. I have shared many of the blog posts to my friends on social media.
Jeff Smith, student, The Training Edge, Buffalo, NY Area