Here Is Your Life

Living Lessons with Duke Tirschel

God is giving my unborn daughter instructions before handing her the life within which she is to be born.

Sweetheart, here is your life.

You will be born soon, and when you are, you will cry like a baby. It’s probably the only time that your crying will bring so much joy to everyone in the room. We take being born for granted and it’s rare that anyone remembers just how scary it can be. But, in time, you’ll no longer be scared. You will learn to be strong and courageous and know that I will be with you, and you’ll know that I’ll never leave you nor forsake you. Furthermore, if you let me, I will guide you through your time on earth, and when your journey ends, I’ll be there to welcome you home.

Here Is Your Life

But there are some things I must tell you, first.

There will be those who will try to take your best parts away from you. They will get you to trust them as they bargain for some parts of you and then cheat you on the exchange. They will take chunks of your heart and leave worthless chunks in their place. They will connect their emotions with yours in order to share that portion of life that’s only meant to be known by two. And then, behind your back they’ll be connected to three or four more.

There will be much to learn; and, please don’t listen to anyone who says it’s a waste of effort to expect excellence in a relationship. Advice like that will most likely come from those who believe that you should stay “barefoot and pregnant” and then you will never need to venture out and live your own life. For example, there is a world of business and finance you will be told you have no place in, there is a world of sports and recreation that women excel just as well as do men, there are even jobs in tedious work and heavy labor in which some women are better suited than men. And even if you’re involved with any one of these, there’s still another task you might take on that a man could never do, and that’s to be… a Mother.

I can’t cover it all now but above all else remember this, I promise to always be as  close to you as you are to me, and if you see that there has been too much distance growing between us, please know this – I haven’t moved, I’m right here where I’ve always been and where I’ll always be.

Ok, now… I see your mother is in great pain and your father is worried sick. There are a lot of others in white helping the Angels that have come to support your mother, so lay back and take it all in until you’re old enough to comprehend, and… oh no, not now, don’t start crying yet, I have a few final notes before I send you on your way. Because, I must warn you… you’ll need to be constantly on your toes and have a clear head, a clean heart and the mind I’m sending with you now.

That mind is pure.

And, it’s from this time on, a personality will be forming and that’s where we will begin our battle once we enter the ‘formative’ years. Once you have reached that four year mark you will enter  that period of time in which you will pick up every good trait and every bad one, and with some blend of both you will construct a character with which you will use to expand in various directions. From time to time, you will face all those demons I have already mentioned, and many more, and at times you will actually be tempted to invite those same demons into your heart.

But don’t do it. Instead, go into that silence and call me collect and I will answer you. Anything you need, just ask and it shall be given you… and I mean, of all things, whatsoever you ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.

So here, take this… this your life.