Jeffery Elliott Inayan Eskrima

Masirib Guro Jeffery Elliott studied several martial arts including Renbu-kai-Karate, Kenpo Karate, boxing and Inayan Eskrima.

Masirib Guro Elliott studied Renbu-kai Karate at Samurai Karate School in San Jose, California from Sensei Bob Cory, Terry Ellis and Ted Orssten and Kenpo Karate from Sensei Ted Orssten at the American Karate School in San Jose, California. Since 1979 Jeffery Elliott studied boxing at Garden City boxing Club in San Jose  from boxing coaches Gus Spencer, Eddy DeVaughn and Joe Amato. Guro Elliot is a USA Boxing Coach and has trained local amateur and professional boxers since 1985.

Guro Jeffery Elliott began studying Eskrima from Suro Mike Inay in 1974. During the latter half of the 1970’s, he traveled with Suro Inay to Stockton, California to study privately with Grand Masters Angel Cabales and Max Sarmiento. Before Suro Inay’s death, Jeffery assisted  in creating the West Coast Eskrima Society in 1979 in Mr. Inay’s home in Los Gatos, California. The Society was founded to help preserve, propagate, and promote the Filipino martial arts. The society was able to unite several Filipino masters under one organization. Among the notable Eskrima masters who joined along with Jeffery Elliott included Max Sarmiento, Mike Inay, Jimmy Tacosa, Sam Tendencia, Dentoy Revillar, Gilbert Tenio, Leo Giron, Narrie Babao, Dan Inosanto, and Richard Bustillo.

Guro Jeffery Elliott attained the rank of Masirib Guro from Suro Mike Inay in December 1999.

Jeffery Elliott is also a billiards fan and he traveled to the pool capital of the world, Makati City in Philippines to play pool.