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Damian Mohler

Tian Long Guan Wing Chun Kung FuDamian Mohler became interested in martial arts early in his life. He thinks this was due in part to his Asian ancestry. On his way through various combat sports his understanding of the philosophy of martial arts was put to the test by the reality of life on the streets. The key experience for Damian Mohler was a massive physical confrontation as a teenager in a time when Basel was heavily influenced by youth violence and youth gangs.The experience of gangs and street violence and their consequences influenced his subsequent career choices including violence prevention, training for police officers, training in conflict resolution and mediation. As he matured, Damian Mohler put together all the pieces of his life in and out of the martial arts to create his Tian Long Guan Wing Chun Kung Fu system.

  • Damian MohlerTeachers and counselors for Asian food and martial arts
  • Founder of SV-/Combat-Training
  • Consultant / Advisor international relations
  • International Police and Law Enforcement Advisor
  • Expert for peacebuilding capacity
  • Expert in violation prevention work
  • Technical Officer for Special Education / NLP
  • Coach & Consultant for HR-oriented process improvement and work-life balance
Training in the martial arts:
1984-88 Various styles of karate (Chin Mok Sung, Steve Lunt, George Santiago)
1985-88 Kobudo: Nunchaku and Tonfa (Chin Mok Sung)
1985 Pencak Silat: Kris / Butterfly – Knives Out (Richard Jacobson, Indonesia)
1986-87 Boxing training (boxing club Basel, Peter Saner)
1986-2002 Wing Chun Chuan (Wang Kiu, Lex Reinhart)
since 2001 Wing Chun Chuan, Grandmaster S. Kwok / Kwok Lake Mo (Blackpool, England)
1990 Tai Chi Chuan, Yang (Kathrin Rutishauser)
1994-02 Jiu-Jitsu (police-specific self-defense)
1994-02 Qi Gong and Ta Cheng Chuan (Lex Reinhart)
Since 2005 Qi Gong and Ta Cheng Chuan (Grand Master Sifu Lam Kam Chuen, London)
Since 2005 Brasilian Jitsu / Submission grave Bling
Awards and Graduations:
12.11.1998 3 Rank, International Law Enforcement Games Karate, Dubai
09.12.1986 3 Kiu Karate, Shorin Ryu Seibukan
19.12.1988 Karate, 1st Kyu, Fudokan
20.09.1997 Head of J & S Self Defense (SJV)
22.10.2000 Instructor – Wing Chun Chuan Chia Nien (Ning Mui)
2002 Post Tenebras Cup (Team Battle)
2002 3 Rank, Pencak Silat Swiss Championship
2004 4 Duan Wei grading under “Chinese Wushu Association”
22.09.2004 Highest instructor certificate SKMAA (Samuel Kwok Martial Arts Association)
Additional Training and Aspect Extensions:
Since 1987 A trainer in Wing Chun and Self Defense (Basel)
1994 Participation Club Kung Fu Championships (Fighter)
1996-02 Participation Club Kung Fu Championships (Referee)
1997-98 Various Kickboxing Championships Post Tenebras Swiss Cup (Coach)
Since 2001 Swiss participation Wu Shu tournaments and SM, Switzerland (Coach)
Since 2004 Referee licenses “C” Swiss Wushu Federation and Sanda Qingda
2002 China Travel SKWCMAA, GM Yip Ching and Samuel Kwok (South China)
2002-2003 Various Kickboxing Championships Post Tenebras Swiss Cup (Coach)
2002-2012 Own Gong Fu School (Basel-Country)
 2013  Vice World Champion WKA WTKA 2013 Tui Shou – 85 Kg
 2013  3rd Place Breaking Techniques WTKA WKA 2013
 2013  Appointment as Senior Instructor SKWCMAA


Damian Mohler Wing Chun2013 Awarded “Pioneer of the Martial Arts Ip Man Wing Chun” by World Wide Martial Arts Council (WWMAC)

2014 Current rank and system creation recognized by WWMAC

2014 Joined WWMAC and became a Director for Europe under GM Samuel Kwok.

Promotion to Grandmaster through Grandmaster Amen’s Warriors Academy with approval of thirteen Grandmasters in good standing with the World Wide Martial Arts Council.
About Duan Wei Grading System

Diplomas, Certificates and Special Knowledge 

  • International Police Instructor (Certified by the United Nations / UN)
  • Highest Instructor Certificate SKMAA (Samuel Kwok Martial Arts Association)
  • Healing Tao, Tao Yoga “Fusion I and II” (Universal Tao System)
  • Training / study course “mediator SDM” (Advanced Studies University of Basel and IICP)
  • Training for Taiji / Qigong Instr. WTDA and co-representative of the ETG
List of Current Licenses: 
  • OFIAMT-commercial diploma
  • J + S Head 1, self-defense (FOSPO Magglingen)
  • Fähigkeitsausweis policeman 
  • International, a renowned martial arts teacher and operators (Kung Fu and Qigong, Karate 1st Kyu)

Member of / Member :

  • Swiss Expert Pool for Civilian Peacebuilding of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, (Federal Department of Foreign Affairs Swiss Expert Pool for Civilian Peacebuilding Political Affairs Division IV)
  • Swiss Federation of Teachers FFS / LCH (FFS / LCH Member of Swiss Former School Teachers Association)
  • European TaijiDao Society, CH-represen
  • Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Athletic Association, Rep. Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Schleswig / D, Israel, Palestine, Kosovo
  • Swiss Wushu Association (Swiss Olympics)

Damian Mohler is not blind. This was a performance for demonstration purposes only.

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