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Donald Miskel's Perspective

Donald Miskel shares his perspective on marital arts and more in his articles on USAdojo.com.

Donald Miskel

Spiritual Aspects of Martial Arts

There are many aspects to the martial arts. Most people think in terms of the self defense and combative disciplines when they think of...
Donald Miskel

The Black Dragon Fighting Society, Origin and Operations

The Black Dragon Fighting Society can be traced back through Chicago to Japan; From Japan to China; From China to Mongolia. The IFAA Black...
Donald Miskel

The Deadliest Man Alive (Getting Over Ourselves)

Personally I think I’m on the deadliest man alive list. My natural ability, my conditioning, my physical prowess and my superior training puts me...
Donald Miskel

Christian Martial Arts, Rank and Promotion

What I do want to discuss is the difference in rank and promotion between a Christian martial arts organization and a secular one. The...
Donald Miskel

Renshi, Shihan, Hanshi (Oh My)

There are teachers, sensei and masters out there in every shape size and variety. They teach some of anything and everything an aspiring martial...
Donald Miskel

Kung Fu of the Mind: The Mental Aspects of the Martial Arts

In our last discussion, I spoke on the subject of Spirit Boxing. In this article, I would like to discuss Kung Fu of the...

A Tribute To Dana Stamos

Dana Stamos exemplifies what being a woman used to mean. She’s kind and gentle. Loving and patient and she leans more toward redemption than reciprocity.
Donald Miskel

Bruce Tegner Demystified The Martial Arts

The martial arts are my passion. When I was a youth I proclaimed that, “karate is my life”. I’ve since grown past that kind...
Donald Miskel

To Whom It May Concern: The Black Dragon Fighting Society A Family

Or perhaps I should say to whom it doesn’t concern. As a minister and pastor as well as a martial artist I like to...
Donald Miskel

Martial Art Snobbery

Our nation was built out of protest of class and cast systems. One class being better than another and such similar ideas. We are...
Martial Arts Schools & Businesses Directory

The Martial Arts Schools Directory, A Hidden Gem

The Martial Arts Schools Directory is a hidden gem for people looking for a martial arts school and a treasure hidden in plain sight...
Donald Miskel

Western Bushido: A Christian Warrior

Some concepts don’t seem to go together. This phrase is an oxymoron at first glance. Bushido is a principle, a philosophy, peculiar to feudal...
Donald Miskel

Realistic and Practical Martial Art

If a system is a practical martial art, it must be lean, simple and incorporate natural movement. Complex techniques are nice for demonstration but...
Cane Master Canes

Don’t Overlook the Lowly Stick or Cane

Let me encourage you as you blaze your martial path to not overlook the lowly stick or cane. You’ll find that the stick or...
Donald Miskel

Understanding the Roots of a Martial Arts System

Everything has to start somewhere. Everything that is to stand must have a foundation. Nothing exists in a vacuum. I’m real big on finding...
Donald Miskel

Is There Life in the Martial Arts After Old Age?

I have been on this martial art journey for about sixty one years. Since I didn’t start at birth most of you would have...