Reynaldo A. Leal known as Rey Leal is an 9th Degree Black Belt and has been studying martial arts for over 45 years. He was a top competitor. Rey Leal trained in American Kenpo with Black Belt Joe’s student, Dick Willett, of Tracy’s Karate, who also trained Orned “Chicken” Gabriel. Chicken Gabriel and Rey Leal also trained great fighters like Steve “Nasty” Anderson. Rey Leal is also a student of Chen Taijiquan Instructors Bill and Allison Helms, 20th generation disciples of GM Chen Xiao Wang and GM Chen Xiao Xing.

Rey Leal knows that martial arts has changed his life and has affected how he sees and reacts to internal and external experiences. His martial arts knowledge allows him to choose how he deals with any given situation, to act, and not react to anyone or anything and to take responsibility for his own actions. This is especially important for any martial arts student. Martial artists must understand that they are responsible to use what they learn responsibly when defending oneself or others.