Kevin Schaller has studied the martial arts for over 30 years, principally in American Kenpo. He is honored to have studied under Rich Arioto, Alexander Archie and David McNeill.

Kevin Schaller is the chief instructor of the martial arts outreach program at Carson Valley Christian Fellowship in Minden, Nevada. Kirisuto Kyo Bushido (Christian Martial Arts) is the name of the program, which teaches a fundamental self-defense program with Christian principals of self-control, respect and service to others.

  • 1970’s Introductory instruction in American Kenpo (Steve LaValle) & Chinese Kung Fu, Syracuse University, Syracuse NY
  • 1978-1983 Santa Barbara CC, Goju Club, Professor Morrison, SJSU Judo Club (Intermediate instruction)
  • 1984-1989 East-West Bok Fu: Richard Lee Kenpo style, attained 6th Grade, Sensei David Thomas and David Kirby, assisted in group class instruction.
  • 1989-1996 Los Gatos Kenpo Karate School: Prof. Richard Arioto: Blended Kenpo, attained Shodan April 1996. Actively involved in teaching group and private lessons, developed merit badge incentive program for juniors to aid in motivation and student retention.
  • 1996-1998 Instructor, Carson Tae Kwon Do Center: taught black belt classes in self-defense and classical weapons kata. Promoted Nidan (2nd Dan) 2-98.
  • 1996-98 Shoshin Ryu of Carson City: Studying Danzan Ryu style of Jujitsu with Prof. Clyde Zimmerman.
  • 1999 Promotion to Sandan (3rd Dan), Ratified by: Alexander Archie, Grandmaster Rick Alemany, Prof. Ron Jordan and Prof. Clyde Zimmerman
  • 1999- Master David McNeill, Goju Shorei Weapons system: cane arts, edged weapons and pressure point theory
  • 1997-2006 Carson Valley Christian Center: designed and implemented a Christian based martial arts program. Active enrollment 100+, with equal numbers of children & adults. Teaching modified kenpo system with elements of Jujitsu and Muay Thai.
  • 2003 Police Officer Standards & Training certification to instruct defensive tactics June
  • 2003, Douglas County Sheriff’s Department, Lt. Mike Biaggini and Inspector General’s Office, Alexander Archie, Investigator. Promoted to Yodan (4th Dan), Dave Hebler and Alexander Archie ratified.
  • 2006 Promoted to Godan (5th Dan), ratified by Hanshi Toby Cooling 10th Dan, Hanshi Alexander Archie 9th Dan, Professor David McNeill 8th Dan, Professor Carl Caudill 8th Dan, Master Diane Cooling 6th Dan
    2007- Carson Valley United Methodist Church martial arts outreach ministry. Continuation of program launched at CVCC in 1997.

Kevin Schaller Seminars Attended:

  • 1994-00 San Jose Gasshuku: Professors Kufferath, Jay, Halbuna, Muro, Janovich, Sensei’s Lyle Ho, Rhodes, Espinous, Johnson, Stewart,
  • 1998-99 MACS/ATAMA Gathering (multiple master instructors)
  • 1999 Organized Masters seminar, 12 master instructors, 76 participants
  • 2001 Organized ATAMA National Seminar, 30 instructors, 80 participants, Elected to Board of Directors
  • 2001-2003 San Jose Gasshuku: Instructor for Law Enforcement and youth clinics

Kevin Schaller Community Service:

  • 1994-95 Taught introductory karate classes at Marshall Lane Elementary School, Campbell Unified School District, Principal Hogan directing.
  • 1998-2010 Douglas County Sheriff’s Department assisted conducting self-defense classes with an emphasis on law enforcement applications (defensive tactics & restraint techniques)
  • 2000-02 Physical Education consultant for Mt. Sierra Christian School

Kevin Schaller Organizational Affiliations:

  • American Teachers Association of Martial Arts (former Sierra Chapter vice president and secretary, Director on the National Board)
  • American Jujitsu Institute
  • Black Belts of the Faith International
  • Gospel Martial Arts Union
  • Pacific Coast Kilohana