UFC Hall of Fame

UFC Hall of FameThe UFC Hall of Fame honors mixed martial artists and MMA personalities. The UFC Hall of Fame is established and maintained by the U. S. based  MMA promotion company, Ultimate Fighting Championship. The UFC Hall of Fame recognizes accomplishments from UFC, Pride Fighting Championships, World Extreme Cagefighting and Strikeforce.

The UFC Hall of Fame was officially established in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 21, 2003 at UFC 45. The first inductees were two of the original UFC competitors,  Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock.

The UFC Hall of Fame is separated into four distinct categories or “wings” commemorating specific achievements and contributions. These serve as differentiators and enable UFC to place Hall of Fame members in their appropriate historical context.

  • Pioneer Era – Athletes who turned pro before November 17, 2000 (when unified rules of MMA were adopted), is a minimum age of 35 or has been retired for one year or more.
  • Modern Era – Athletes who turned pro on or after November 17, 2000 (when unified rules of MMA were adopted).
  • Contributors Wing – Recognizing significant contributions and accomplishments to the sport of mixed martial arts and UFC outside of the Octagon®.
  • Fight Wing – Recognizing the most historic fights in the sport. To be eligible, fights will have taken place a minimum of five years before date of induction.

Current Inductees in the UFC Hall of Fame

Modern Era
Forrest Griffin (Inducted 2013) Read More
BJ Penn (Inducted 2015) Read More
Urijah Faber (Inducted 2017) Read More
Ronda Rousey (Inducted 2018) Read More

Pioneers Era
Royce Gracie (Inducted 2003) Read More
Ken Shamrock (Inducted 2003) Read More
Dan Severn (Inducted 2005) Read More
Randy Couture Iinducted 2006) Read More
Mark Coleman (Inducted 2008) Read More
Chuck Liddell (Inducted 2009) Read More
Matt Hughes (Inducted 2010) Read More
Tito Ortiz (Inducted 2012) Read More
Pat Miletich (Inducted 2014) Read More
Bas Rutten (Inducted 2015) Read More
Don Frye (Inducted 2016) Read More
Antonio Minotauro Rodrigo Nogueira (Inducted 2016) Read More
Maurice Smith (Inducted 2017) Read More
Kazushi Sakuraba (Inducted 2017) Read More
Matt Serra (Inducted 2018) Read More

Fight Wing
Forrest Griffin vs Stephan Bonnar I, April 2005 (Inducted 2014) Read More
Matt Hughes vs Frank Trigg 2, April 2005 (Inducted 2015) Read More
Pete Williams vs Mark Coleman, May 1998 (Inducted 2016) Read More
Dan Henderson vs. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (Inducted 2018) Read More

Contributor Wing
Charles “Mask” Lewis (Inducted 2009, posthumous) Read More
Jeff Blatnick (Inducted 2015, posthumous) Read More
Bob Meyrowitz (Inducted 2016) Read More
Joe Silva (Inducted 2017) Read More
Bruce Connal (Inducted 2018) Read More
Art Davie (Inducted 2018) Read More