Sport Karate Museum History Generals

Sport Karate History Generals are martial artists who have a “sport history” in the martial arts. History General’s are men and women who are a part of the history of sports martial arts.

Sport Karate History Generals have been warrior’s of sport karate and have coached, performed kata and breaking, competed with weapons, and most importantly, they have fought in the ring, paving the way for the tournament competitors and MMA fighters of today.

There is only one History General in this group who is there out of respect, rather than as a competitor. This individual,” says one of my Instructors, Hanshi Sid Campbell, “had vision and he had heart”.

Ken Knudson, Ed Daniel, Jim Harrison, Allen Steen and so many others created the Sport Karate History Generals so they could share the history of sports martial arts, and also to protect the Sport Karate Museum from those who want a place, without earning that place, in sport martial arts.

There will always be those who will give themselves rank and tell tall tales, and this makes it much more important for those who made history to protect that history and it makes it very important that individuals are aware that with the Sport Karate Museum individuals support the men and women who made history and who you will find as honored in the Sport Karate Museum and as Sport Karate History Generals. Hug a sport karate legend today!

Gary Lee

A List of the History Generals for The Museum of Sport Karate
(Those with a ** double star have passed away and are included here in loving memory).

Bob Wall
CEO World Black Belt, Movie Star, Sport Karate Legend

Jim Harrison
Pioneer, Black Belt Hall of Fame, Karate Legend

Sid Campbell
Historian, Pioneer, Hanshi, Movie Star, Weapons Expert, Oss

Michael DePasquale, Jr.
Pioneer, Stunts, Movies, Editor, The Best

Andrew Linick
Pioneer, Master Instructor and Legend in Sport Karate, Martial Art Historian

George Alexander
Martial Art Historian, Legendary Fighter, Pioneer

Ishmael Robles
Historian, Full contact Legend, World Champion

Linda Denley
The greatest lady fighter of all time, Pioneer

Allen Steen
Pioneer, The Father of Texas Karate, Texas Legend

Jimmy Jones
Pioneer of Sport Karate and Leader of Chicago Karate

J Pat Burleson
1st US Champion and Pioneer of Sport Karate

Eric Lee
Kung Fu Legend, World Champion, Movie Star

Al Dacascos
Hawaiian Legend, Black Belt Hall of Fame, Aloha

Dr. Maung Gyi
Founder of Bando and First PKA Head Judge

Joe Corley
Super Producer of PKA, Battle of Atlanta

Stephen Oliver
Legendary Marketing Specialist, Historian

Richard W. Jenkins
Pioneer, Texas Blood and Guts, Historian

Keith Vitali
Legendary Point Fighter, Rated #1 Many, Many Times

Keith Yates
10th Dan, Creator of the Museum Logo

Jhoon Rhee
Father of American Tae Kwon Do, Pioneer

AlGene Caraulia
Pioneer, 1st World Champion, Legendary Hawaiian Fighter

Mike Stone
Pioneer, Legendary Fighter, Hawaiian Legend

Lawrence Arthur
Pioneer, Super Kicks, Super Fun, Writer

Ted Tabura
Legendary Weapons Expert, Lua Hawaiian Legend

Jeff Smith
Pioneer, Legendary Fighter, World Champion

Mike McNarmara
Pioneer, Blood and Guts Karate,World Champion

Judge Roy Kurban
Pioneer, Legendary Texas Fighter, Awesome!

Mickey Fisher
Pioneer, Co-Inventor of the A.O.K. and Shin to Shni

James Toney
Best Referee, Legendary Texas Fighter

Duane Ethington
Writer of over 500 MA Articles on the Martial Arts, Co-Inventor of Blue Line Self Defense, Consultant. The Museum Library is name after this great martial artist.

Mark W. Wendell
Street Combat, Consultant and co-inventor of Blue Line Self-Defense

Leo T. Fong
Pioneer, Legendary Kung-Fu Fighter, Grandmaster Sifu

Danny McCall
Pioneer and Legendary Fighter, Fire Walker

Jerry Piddington
Pioneer and Legendary Fighter, a great man,oss

Danny Lane
Pioneer, Master Karate Instructor,UFAF

Steve Parks
Pioneer, Legendary Texas Historian

George Minshew
Inventor of the franchise karate studio, creator Karate Olympics, premier karate event in Houston,TX

John Natividad
Top Ten rated Legendary Fighter from Hawaii

Dana Abbott
Samurai Sword expert from Scottsdale, Arizona and Yokohama, Japan

Bernie “Pops” Krasnoo
Pioneer, Historian, Legendary Coach of the Sherman Oak Raiders

** Robert Trias – Arizona
Dan Anderson – Oregon
Benny “The Jet” Urquidez – California
Alfred Urquidez – California
Roger Greene – Oklahoma
Fred Wren – Missouri
Mike Genova – South Carolina
** Mako, Hollywood – California
Karen Sheperd – California
** Glenn Rabago – Oklahoma

Glenn Keeney – Indiana
John Sharkey, Jr. – Chicago, Illinois
James Lew – Hollywood, California
Troy Dorsey – Texas
Johnny Gyro – California
Bobby Tucker – South Carolina
Steve Pinder – Arlington, Texas
** Tom Benich – Ohio
** Ernie Lieb – Michigan
** Stuart Quan – California

Richard M.Morris – Texas
Wesley Snipes – Hollywood, California
Mike Sullenger – Texas
Patrick McCarthy – Japan
Joy Turbeville – Texas
Seng Au – Hawaii
Charles Bonet – Arizona
Brian Duffy – Austin, Texas
Michael Goldman – Florida
James Stevens – Houston, Texas

Phil Wileman – Texas
Mike Hixon – Ohio
Joe Anon – Florida
Richard Plowden – Michigan
Errol Bennent – New York, New York
Jerry “Fast Feet” Fontanez – New York
Michael Goldman – South Carolina
Cynthia Rothrock – California
Chuck Norris – Texas

Ishmael Robles – Texas
Jean-Claude Van Dam – Hollywood, California
** Bob Burbridge – California
Ken Dallas – Michigan
Kenn Firestone – Kauai, Hawaii
Chris Casamassa – California
** Richard Jackson – Georgia
Charlie June – North Carolina
Bruce Brutschy – South Carolina
Steve Anderson – Canada

Rick Lenchus – New York
Tom Muzila – Caliornia
Dave Adams – South Carolina
Wade Kirkpatrick – Texas
Rudy Smedley – Texas
Paul Mormando – New York
Woodrow Fairbanks – Ohio
Pat Johnson – California
John Corcoran – Nevada [Editors Award]
Blinky Rodriques – California

Ed Daniel – Texas
Flem Evans, Hawaii
**Peter Urban – New York
Lou Casamassa – California
Lynn Scott Gregory – Georgia
Dale Kirby – Tennessee
** Steve Fisher – “The California Kid” – California
** Stuart Quan – California
** Ken Eubanks – Tennessee
Mas Oyama – Japan

David Caster – Texas
Ricky Smith – North Carolina
Randy Smith – North Carolina
Tony Prince – Georgia
Scott Caster – Texas
David Dobbs – Texas
Johnny Lee – Illinois
David Deaton – Tennessee
Mike Foster – Florida
Rob Hogan – Michigan

“Monster Man” Everett Eddy – Michigan
Shorty Mills – Illinois
Skipper Mullins – Texas
Ed Daniel – Texas
Bob Yarnell – Missouri
** Robert Haliburton – Texas
Cecil Peoples – California
** Howard Jackson – Michigan
Tom “Shakey” Levek – Oregon
** Ken Knudson – Illinois

Sonny Chiba – Japan
Eric Lee – California
Christine Bannon Rodriques – Rhode Island
George Alexander – Tennessee
Ernie Reyes Sr. – California
Don “The Dragon” Wilson – Florida
Jeff Gripper – Georgia
Arlene Limas – Illinois
Joe Corley – Georgia
** Frank Ruiz – New York

Raymond McCallum – Texas
Ron Shaw – Ohio
Benny Urquidez – California
James Cook – Ohio
Steve (Sanders) Muhammad – California
Don Tosh – California
Gary Dillingham – North Carolina
Mike Stone – Hawaii
Joey Shifflet – South Carolina
Don Devries – Ohio

Karl Marx Sr. – Louisiana
** Demetrius “The Golden Greek” Havanas – Texas
Tim Kirby – Texas
Richard Jenkins – Texas
Ted Tabura – Las Vegas, Nevada
Hank Farrah – Florida
Sean Elliot – New Jersey
Michael James – { Editors Award}, California
Lawrence Arthur – New Jersey
Mark Dacascos – Hawaii

Tony Lopez – Texas
Judge Roy Kurban – Texas
Bill Wallace – Florida
Mike Dillard – Oklahoma
Mickey Fisher – Texas
Joe Jennings – New York
Al Gene Caraulia – Ohio
Larry Carnahan – Texas
Aaron Banks – New York
John Worley – Texas

Pat Worley – Texas
Marty Knight – South Carolina
Jimmy “Gato” Tabares – Texas
Sam Chapman – South Carolina
Jennifer Branch – Texas
John Chung – Washington D.C
** D P Hill – Texas
Jim Arvanitis – Florida
Roger Carpenter –
Brian Fung – California

George Chung – California
Frank Smith – California
Dr. Maung Gyi – Ohio
Becky Chapman – South Carolina
** Andrew Tamper – Ohio
Fumio Demura – California
Al Hippert – Ohio
Tino Tuiolosega – California
Don Willis – Florida
Karyn Turner – Colorado

Mitchell Bobrow – California
Al Francis – Texas
Butch Togoisala – California
William “Balls” Clark – Florida
Tayari Casel – Washington,D C
Leo T. Fong – California
Dan Anderson – Oregon
Ron Marchini – California
Herb Johnson – Indiana
Mike “Dog” Cass – Illinois

Parker Shelton – Indiana
** Louis Degalgo – New York
David Moon – Mexico
Dave Ruppart – Ohio
Malia Dacascos – California
** Jerry Durant – Texas
Billy Blanks – California
Keith Weston – Canada
** Glenn Kwan – Canada
Larry Caster – Texas

Wally Sloki – Canada
** Ed Parker – Hawaii
Gerald Giles – Louisiana
Bill Ryusaki – California
Erik Schumann – Guatemala
Stuart Schumann – California
Rob Hogan – Michigan
Larry Bullard – Georgia
Johnny Murphy – Texas
George Baker – California

Hecter Santigo – New York
Richard Norton – Hollywood, California
Cezar Borkowski – Canada
Bob Maxwell – Maryland
Drew Arthur, Law Enforcement – Tyler Texas
Jaun Galvan – Texas Pioneer
Harvey Hastings, Pioneer – Maryland
Rudy Smedley – Texas
Bill Morrison – North Carolina
Larry Lockart Sr. – Texas

Barry Moyer – Illinois
Scott Holgarth – Canada
Keith Ince – Texas
Steve Selby – Texas
Denny Shaffer – South Carolina
Robin Taberna – Golden State Karate Association
Wilfredo Roldan – New York, New York
Stacy Mejia – Louisiana
Pablo Mejia – Louisiana
Ronald Duncan – New York, New York

Jerry Fisher – California
Bob Mangan – North Carolina
Tokey Hill – New York, New York
Michael Burton – Road Island
Rocky Derico – Boston , MA
Jerry Trimble – California
Rick Pascetta – New York, New York
Jerry Fisher – California
Dr. John Duncan – Oklahoma
Dr. Shorty Mills – Chicago

Sam Lonewolf – Tyler, Texas
Frank Trejo – Pasadena, California
Ronnie Colwell – UK
Stephen Grayston – UK
Glen Wilson – Florida
Hale Hilsabeck – Denver, Colorado